Welcome to Route 68 taxi. A service provided by Jim Shields, a trusted Scottish Borders taxi operator who has served over thirty years within the trade.

Being logistically based just above the Scotland - England border which the A68 trunk route crosses at Carter Bar, is what enables the Route 68 taxi to offer the same pricing formula to all of the central Scottish Borders when travelling South.

A taxi operator that is based anywhere between your current location and your destination should always be the most efficient and by relocating the Route 68 taxi it is now better placed to serve more of the Scottish Borders population.

Benefits of an operator removed from your location.

Drawbacks. None. Not unless you have some need to cancel at the last minute when the taxi is already on route to you.

The vehicle that serves as the Route 68 taxi

Route 68 Taxi

No top of the range limousine certainly. However, the Seat Toledo has proven to be an honest and reliable mid sized family car that handles the task of being a taxi in the Scottish Borders and further afield very well.

It has a large boot and enough space for four average sized passengers but the rear middle seat would no doubt soon lose some appeal on a longer journey.

Budget pricing between the central Scottish Borders and Newcastle airport

Pre-booked pricing examples given are from the address Google considers to be the centre of the named town, and going to, or from Newcastle airport, day time. 1-4 passengers only.

  • Earlston: £91.00 (120.05)
  • Galashiels: £96.00 (126.65)
  • Hawick: £79.00 (103.55)
  • Jedburgh: £73.00 (94.45)
  • Kelso: £88.00 (115.65)
  • Lauder: £100.00 (132.65)
  • Melrose: £90.00 (118.05)
  • Selkirk: £93.00 (122.75)

The price that would be quoted by the Route 68 taxi (The estimated official metered price, distance only).

Request your tailor made travel quotation from the Route 68 taxi

Newcastle airport is only one example of what the Route 68 taxi can offer you.

Keeping that in mind there is an option below in order than you may request a quote for any journey that fulfills both crossing the Scottish, English border and would, by it's very nature, be using the A68 trunk route to do so.

Every quotation made reflects the actual price it would cost you based upon your real world pick up and destination locations when using the most direct route practical. This approach ensures that you always receive best value.

Summary. On offer to you is a reliable operator, of an adequate vehicle, combined with a competetive pricing policy. You are invited to decide if that combination is able to meet your requirements. I would hope to be of service.

Please select a travel request from the options below:

The route of the A68 crossing the border and serving the central Scottish Borders